Are you bored with your traditionally styled living room? Why not Revamp its décor and get a contemporary feel. When at home, we spend a lot of time in the living room. Besides being an area of comfort, it should have great aesthetic value. We can transform the walls, display nature, create a statement piece, and do more.

Wondering how? This article will provide you with some fantastic living room decor ideas. But, before proceeding further, let us discuss some considerations. Elements like room size, budget, and convenience should always be in mind before selecting any room decor idea.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Living Room Decor

Use Single but Noticeable Decor Item in a Smaller Room

Some living rooms are big and spacious while others are too small. People who choose multiple small wall decorations for a small living room make a big mistake. Such a selection can make your room look crowded.

Thus, experts suggest going for the opposite. Like if you have a small room, go for a big painting. But, the number of items should be less. For instance, placing a single picture in a less spacious sitting room is enough.

Decide How Much can You Spend

Spending hefty bucks on buying expensive decorative items is not necessary. You can do many DIY projects to make your room stand out. But, having a specific budget is important to know from where you can start. Keep reading as this article will reveal some pocket-friendly décor ideas.

Consider Your Convenience

Always consider where and in what condition you are living. Are you on rent, and is your contract ending soon? Remember, we cannot move things like in-built shelves and wooden work. Likewise, spending money on color and pattern is useless. In this case, you can consider portable décor items. Buy paintings, moveable shelves, lamps, vases, etc.

Now, let's discuss some excellent ideas to decorate your living room

Create an Artistic Appeal with Canvas Prints

Photo canvases are affordable and perfect for adding a sophisticated feel. You can also clean canvas prints easily. A big canvas mounted above the fireplace looks amazing. Likewise, a portrait canvas above the Chester reveals a dramatic look. You can also go for a picture collage or create a separate wall gallery.

Here are some options you can consider:

Panoramic Canvas

People love landscapes, and panoramic canvases are perfect for their display. You can select one of your favorite nature photos and get it printed on a panoramic canvas. It usually comes in square and rectangular shapes with wooden borders. You can opt for any frame size as per the room size. But, large panoramic canvases are commonly preferred.

Split Canvas

Don't want to have a single big canvas? You can split your images onto multiple canvases. The collection of various panels portrays creativity and grabs attention. Just hang them in series by maintaining an equal distance among all.

Photo Collage

You can go for a picture collage in lively colors if you don't prefer a formal touch and want a fun-loving look. Dark shades of pink, yellow, green, and plum can bring a spark to dull walls.

Combine Color Scheme with a Contrasting

Rug Flooring plays a vital role in creating an overall look. If you have a tight budget or don't want to bear the hassle of changing the floor, use a rug. Consider the color of the walls and go for a contrasting-colored rug. Also, place a suitable table and successfully create an inviting interior. Check out the image below of how a floral rug complements the greyish furniture and cream walls.

Display Creativity with Dry Floral Arrangement

 Form a Nature-Inspired Living Room

Though the pandemic is over, many of us are still working from home. To rejoice your mood, you can consider taking the following steps:

1- Bring the outdoors inside by putting multiple plants.

2- Go for a wooden floor.

3- Keep the walls white and enhance the green look with an artificial grass carpet. You can also keep a green rug or a runner. Nature is incomplete without sunlight. Make sure to have enough ventilation and direct exposure to sunlight through windows. Also, you can create a separate corner for mediation. Family members will love to meditate in this nature-inspired room. Lastly, you can finish the look with seashells, sea stones, and other natural materials.

Perk Up the Furniture with Throw Pillows

A dull and light-colored sofa can look amazing with contrasting throw pillows. Show creativity and adorn the cushions at home. Try putting beads, embroidery patterns, laces, and frills. Or, buy a shiny material for the cushion cover. Words like home, love, and life, written through needlework, look fantastic.

Avoid keeping all cushions in the same color. This tactic is more suitable for a formal drawing room look. Select colors that make the furniture stand out. Also, choose multiple patterns and keep some of them entirely plain.

These inexpensive cushions can add a spark of color, fun, and décor to the living room. Most importantly, you can change the arrangement anytime you want.

Pro Tip: Go for light-colored cushions if the sofa is dark. If it's light, opt for some bright and vibrant colors.

Do you know how dried palm leaves, pampas grass, and even the wheat stalks contribute to décor?

Yes, if you arrange them together, they can enhance your interior. All you need is to have a long vase. According to the living room's theme, color the vase with spray paint. But, make sure to put the vase on a newspaper for floor protection.

Alternatively, you can cover the vase with a jute rope. Put glue generously and wrap the vase in a circular direction, leaving no space.

Once the vase is dry, tie all the parched flowers with a ribbon and put them in a vase. Now, select a right corner from where it can look noticeable.

Pro Tip: Always keep a lacquer spray at home. Once a month, spray your arrangements. They will start looking shiny with no traces of dust.

Wrapping It Up

Updating a living room is possible with just a few tips. A splash of colors, patterns, and décor elements can create an enticing appeal. You can implement a close-to-nature look, use cushions, or adorn the space with floral arrangements. Also, select an eye-catching canvas or create an in-home gallery.

So, keep experimenting and don't hesitate in trying out new ideas. With these minor changes, you can enjoy living in a sophistically styled living room.

Although we are talking about decorating a living room, you could discover the advantages of a personalized interior decoration style. For the best décor ideas and inspiration, you can find information on the relevant websites.

For other types of arrangements, consider utilizing jute rope. This versatile, natural fiber adds a rustic charm and is perfect for crafting, gardening, or decorative purposes. It's strong, durable, and eco-friendly, making it an excellent choice for a variety of projects.

June 23rd, 2022