Damask textile with natural linen and wool look for making restaurant tablecloths from the Galieni collection, composition 40% Li, 60% pes, with a width of 320 cm. Informative prices color white width 320 cm, 31 - 44 Euros/ml + VAT. Minimum order 90-120 ml. Density 247 gr/m2. Price pale colors (beige, ivory, cream) + 20%. Intense color price (gray, green, coffee, brown) + 40%. We ship throughout Europe within 8-12 days.

Natural materials tablecloths

Plain damask mixed fibre, 60% polyester - 40% LI, fabric napkins with a weight of 247 g/m2, which we recommend to those restaurants and taverns for whom, in addition to premium quality, elegance and attractive appearance are important.

Custom tablecloths

The most sought-after quality in the hospitality industry is a smooth damask with a composition of pes + natural wool Tablecloths made from textiles weighing 247 g/m2 are also called classic smooth damask, also known as natural mixed-fibre damask.

White cotton tablecloth

This type of raw material is popular in restaurants and taverns due to its high quality, easy handling and long life cycle. In addition to white, you can choose from over 7 types of colours available to order.



Wool Table Cloth

January 31st, 2023