Cotton for making restaurant or hotel tablecloths from the Manhattan collection, composition 50% cotton, 50% pes, with a width of 325 cm. Informative prices color white width 325 cm, 30 - 35 Euros/ml + VAT. Minimum order 90-120 ml. Density 247 gr/m2. Price pale colors (beige, ivory, cream) + 20%. Intense color price (gray, black, green, coffee, brown) + 40%. We ship throughout Europe within 8-12 days.

Table linen cotton

Simple cotton made of mixed fibers, 50% polyester - 50% cotton tablecloths made of textile weight weighing 247 g / m2, which we recommend to those restaurants and taverns for which elegance and attractive appearance are important in addition to premium quality .

The most sought after quality in the hospitality industry is a smooth damask mixed with a composition of 50% polyester - 50% cotton. Tablecloths made of textiles weighing 247 g / m2 are also called simple classic damask, also known as mixed fiber damask.

Tablecloths & Napkins For Hotels

This type of fabric is popular in restaurants due to its high quality, easy handling and long life cycle. In addition to white, you can choose from 8 colors, and the wide range of colors meets everyone's needs.

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December 23rd, 2022