Cotton for making tablecloths restaurants or hotel Livorno collection, composition 40% cotton, 60% pes, with a width of 320 cm. Informative prices light colors white dimensions 160 cm x 160 cm = 24 - 29 Euro/ml + VAT. Minimum order 90-120 ml. Density 245 gr/m2. Price pale colors (beige, ivory, cream) + 18 %. Intense color price (gray, black, green, coffee, brown) + 25 %. We ship throughout Europe within 8-12 days.

Tablecloth models for the restaurant

Livorno is characterized by delicate pastel colors and beautiful jacquard motifs. The color range is rich and the fabric is soft and strong - 40% cotton / 60% polyester.
Suitable for frequent use, easy to maintain and always up to date! Can be used to make unique tablecloths for luxury restaurants, tablecloths for hotels, napkins and table sleepers.

White tablecloth for hotel

The width of the fabric is 325 cm. The price shown is for 1 ml with a minimum order quantity of 90 -120 ml! Warning: the colors of the images may differ from the actual color of the fabric!
Recommended wash - 60 ° C. Do not wash with detergent that contains optical brightening agents!

March 10th, 2024