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White Cotton Tablecloths

Textile materials for tablecloths restaurant made of cotton or waterproof Teflon damask. Fabrics for wedding tablecloths, events available online at the roll. Our offer is rich in various textiles for tablecloths. We offer our clients a variety of models because we want to cover as many business needs as possible in the Horeca industry.

Wedding Tablecloths Round

Cotton is a textile with a rich history, appreciated for its skin-friendly texture. Through cotton we make various elegant textile materials that can be used in the Horeca industry. Tablecloths made of cotton can ease the effort of the staff in charge of gathering, arranging and storing them. Cotton tablecloths are not rigid and can be folded or placed without too much difficulty.

Cotton Fabric 320 cm

Benefits: • Pleasant texture, without roughness • Soft material that can be easily folded • It can follow the shape of the surfaces where it will be used

Satin Cotton Tablecloths

Satin is a type of fabric that is pleasant to the touch and has a more glossy appearance. The textile materials made of this fabric can add refinement to the environment where they will be used. Tablecloths made of satin cotton can be easily folded, following the shape of the tables where they will be placed. The satin cotton textile material can comply with HoReCa requirements both in terms of appearance and smooth texture, without roughness.

Advantages of satin cotton:

• The fabric offers a more glossy surface • The fabric follows the shape of the tables where it will be used • Smooth surface, pleasant to the touch

Waterproof Damask Tablecloths

Damascus is a fabric with a rich history, the name coming from the city of Damascus. However, the fabric was not invented in this city, but in Asia long before it was marketed in Damascus. The fabric is made up of several layers of densely woven yarn. Made with this material, tablecloths can benefit from a smooth and often more glossy surface. Also, the dense format makes it difficult to absorb liquids quickly. Thus, liquids can be quickly absorbed with a sponge, thus avoiding frequent replacements of tablecloths.

Advantages of damask fabric

• Dense fabric that can obscure rapid fluid absorption • Often a more glossy appearance • Smooth surface • Recommended material for tablecloths events

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